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Postby Pearl Snaps » Mon Mar 27, 2006 11:08 am

Hey All,
How about "Spirit of a Woman," God that first chord and Craig's voice when he sings,"Fell in Love, Feel like flying..........." Great song, great performance, and I hope I don't insult anyone, but to me the production was much closer to what the band wanted to be. Craig Fuller is one of our Great American songwriters, and being so dictates that the song, and the voice can carry the tune. Sir George Martin is also one of the great producers of all time, but in my irrelevent opinion almost all Craig Fuller songs should be recorded with a band, and not an orchestra. Craig Fuller could sing the phone book and it would be awesome, as a writer he is right up there with Henley/Frey, John Fogerty, Jackson Browne, and the Mellencamp, Springsteen, Petty group. We are very lucky to have him active again. Great songs last forever, thank you Craig, and thank you new PPL members, you guys are the real deal. It's almost like a supergroup without the hype. Please keep playin, cause we will be there for you! I love the old stuff, but I haven't had a musical thrill for many, many years like the one I got when I heard Craig Fuller was back with a boatload of new material. Thanks for everything, and we will see you when you come to the west coast.

The Protector of the Western Skies,
Pearl Snaps

P.S. How about the vocal stack with Linda Ronstadt and J. D. Souther on that great Eric Kaz song "I'm Blowing Away."
Pearl Snaps
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