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PostPosted: Mon Jan 02, 2006 10:20 am
by Tom
Nice to see so many already enjoying the new CD !

Funny, it reminds me so much of the old days: no sooner do we get the new music, go crazy over it, we immediately want more, more and more !!
And no, we won't be waiting as long for the next one. LJDJ, the next tour is far from finalized, don't worry , when it is you'll find it here. And you're right, Curtis sure has a great voice, that guy really brings it ! Hey Plum, yes, we certainly will be screaming for the new music at future shows, I can't wait to hear it.

I'm one more prairiedog who needs to order some more CD's as I have quite a few people who will flip over this, not to mention the notion of seeing them live. I've already gotten to a few but there are more , many more to go !

I can't wait for this year to get going either, it's gonna be a great one, no question. Last year was a sudden development, a huge success, we spread the word and it traveled fast.

But for now, I'll keep playing All In Good Time to death as the whole resurgence of PPL is rolling right along on high octane.

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 2:02 pm
by Tom
Proud1 wrote:Was gonna post saying how eager i was to get the cd, but it arrived this morning, So i,m a very happy chappy. Unbelievable stuff, a new PPL album after all these years, and an excellent one at that. As someone yet to see PPL live., you can imagine how much i appreciate the live track, sure hope they do release a live cd of the show in the future. And i'm still hoping and praying, they find time to tour the UK sometime in the future also.

Happy new year everyone.


Hi Roger,

I don't know if PPL will make it to England, but it's nice to see the new CD made it there ! I know many people there are into PPL and some have gone to great lengths to get the whole collection.

It looks like you are the leader of the pack on All In Good Time ! Glad you like it, it was worth the wait.

All the best, Cheers too,


PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 5:52 pm
by billyJvoltare
Just got my All In Good Time album today.

This is way better than I could ever haved hoped for. I love this collection.

It's been described before so I'll hold off on getting all out of control with my praise.

For any Prairie Doggies who don't have this yet, or are thinking of it, or folks who just love great countrified rock and roll, don't hesitate. Drop what you're doing now and click on the store link and get it; I promise you'll be glad you did.

To any band members who see this, THANK YOU! Superb job, so well done. Great songs, great vocals, incredible job by Fats on fiddle and all the other stuff he plays, great hooks and melodies, perfect production and sound quality.

To any guys or gals who have anything to do with this site, or the marketing aspect of OUR band, please, please, PLEASE do what you can to get this CD out there; scream it out on the homepage, put a few mp3 samples on there (first listen to these tunes will surely hook some folks).

Gotta go now. Gonna listen to "All In Good Time" again. :D

er...I didn't get all out of control, now did I? :oops:

PS...I was also thrilled to see two of my favorite guitarists as co-writers of Craig Fuller songs: Tim Krekel and Bill Lloyd (who also filled in for Paul Cotton in Poco when Paul fell ill this past fall).

PostPosted: Wed Jan 04, 2006 9:38 pm
by Tom
Hi Billy,

I knew you would like it, glad to see you got it Personally, I haven't stopped playing it since I got it, there is just so much to listen to, the lyrics, vocals, various instruments and how they sometimes sneak in on you etc. It keeps getting better for me and I loved it at first listen. By the way, did you catch the piano ?

It's incredibly good, and as Clarence remarked, that can't be overstated. I expected a lot, to be honest, and as I said in my review, it exceeded that. It seems you agree too ! This band is loaded with talent and the recording is absolutely superb, what a sound !! This is as good as it gets. I can't wait to hear more of these in concert. I know you heard a few last Oct in NJ.

No, you didn't get out of control, that's why the site is here, the feedback is most appreciated.

It was mentioned before, there will be clips coming to this site, in addition to some free downloads. There is still much in the works in many areas with PPL. Getting the CD recorded and ready for distribution was obviously the priority and now we can say it was well worth waiing !

As for now, anyone who comes here hopefully will be able to realize that the CD can be found by clicking STORE on the homepage, which, by the way, was where the CD was originally supposed to be so everyone could see it . Hopefully that will happen shortly. All In Good Time !

Take care Billy,


PostPosted: Thu Jan 05, 2006 6:38 pm
by LIDog
It really is a great cd. Over the past weeks while waiting for it, I was revisiting old favorites and putting together a collection. I was impressed with how well recorded they were, and this new one sounds terrific too. It definitely pays to take the time to get it right, and they did. Craig's voice sounds great. That's one special instrument he's got there. The ability to sound sincere when you sing is a great gift.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2006 10:39 am
by jmhall
Just got the new CD. It's just great! I'm impressed that so many of the songs could actually be played on the current country stations. While I doubt the band's focus is in that area, they've got several potential hits on this CD. So much for commercialism. It really is nice to hear such a classy CD from this lineup of PPL. They sure mix well. Thanks to the guys for keeping up the high standards. The songs and lyrics are superb.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2006 2:09 pm
by Zero Zagnut
jmhall wrote:Just got the new CD. It's just great! I'm impressed that so many of the songs could actually be played on the current country stations. While I doubt the band's focus is in that area, they've got several potential hits on this CD. So much for commercialism. It really is nice to hear such a classy CD from this lineup of PPL. They sure mix well. Thanks to the guys for keeping up the high standards. The songs and lyrics are superb.

Jim, I agree the songwriting is strong, the guys all sound great and the tunes could be played on current country stations. However, for me, and maybe it's just me, I wanted to hear a little more variety. That was always the mark of a great PPL album. These guys gave us something as country as "I'll Change Your Flat Tire, Merle" to something as southern rock as "Two Lane Highway"on the same album. They even stayed with that trend during the Vince Gill years with "I'll Be Damned" (a country barn burner) and their big ol' pop hit, "Let Me Love You Tonight" on "Firin' Up". I liked the tune "Love Is An Illusion" on "Mementos" and I was hoping that "All In Good Time" would be a little more diverse, in the tradition of all the great PPL albums. I live in Nashville, so maybe I'm just too close to and wore out with all those bland country acts out there like Lonestar, Rascal Flats and that ilk. I hope PPL wasn't shooting for that genre. Believe me, there are enough acts in Music City beating the fire out of that dead horse.

PostPosted: Mon Jan 09, 2006 4:29 pm
by Tom
Hi ZZ,

Well I do know for certain the last thing PPL was doing when this was put together was trying to fit into a genre. Fuller doesn't write that way today, doesn't work that way today, and never did. He puts out what he feels good about, what he thinks is reflective of him, and touches on the variety of skills he brings to the table. That's how Bustin' Out happened. Much the same can be said for Reilly, who spared no time and great expense to get this together and put out what he too, felt was vintage PPL, ala Fuller. These guys had no delusions of grandeur, no thoughts like " Let's put these on it, leave out that, blend into the crap that passes for country today, and make a killing." In fact, Fuller was quoted as the exact opposite. That's exactly why PPL passed up many offers to record in the past, preferring instead to do things their way. I think that's why we got such an honest and terrific piece of work, one which is in the proudest of PPL traditions: pedal steel, fiddle, mandolin, mixed in with both acoustic and electric guitars, tight driving drums, all wrapped around what I think is one of the greatest singer/songwriters of my time. .Of course Fuller, Reilly, and the rest of PPL do listen to fan feedback, and that is a fact directly from them, but they always remain true to themselves too. And this effort was no different than the 70's and 80's. Ar least 4 of these tunes were played on a regular basis throughout their last tour and a 5th was added in late in the tour. They received very positive feedback, so they are on it, whether or not they fit a genre never entered into the equation. That of course, is how they always worked, they were always a word of mouth band, living on the road and giving fans what apparently pleased them. Nothing new there.

Personally, I think all the marks and traditions of a great PPL LP are still very much there: strong vocals, both lead and harmonies, very tight musicianship and extremly strong songwriting. I think LIDog made a very good point in his remarks, that" this CD sounds different than any other PPL record, another trademark of PPL". I also feel there is quite a bit of diversity in song styles. PPL said right from the start they were returning to their basic roots, no horns or sax, but pedal steel , a countrified flavor etc. That's what we got. They said arrangements would be sparse , they would rely on their musical abilities, what they did in a studio was what you would get, there would be no additions like most of today's bands do who cannot make their studio work a viable product like PPL can and need to have various things layered in to produce what their vocals and instruments can't.

I find plenty of variety in the LP, but that's me. I listen to songs like Cajun Girl, That Changes Everything, Don't Go Confessin' Your Love then hear on the other end of the spectrum tunes like The Cost Of Living, I Sure Do Miss You Now, which, to me, are completely different in nature any way you slice it. Not to mention they hardly sound like songs which are going out of their way to find their way into today's country music scene.Those few examples for me, are diverse enough. In between you have a song like Nothing Like The Lonely, which again, is a strong contrast in style to anything I just mentioned. Some tunes I just mentioned are clearly uptempo in nature ( you can add Gettin' Over You to that) while others mid tempo and some flat out slow almost ballad type music. I think looking at a Two Lane Highway and Merle being on the same LP and I'll Be Damned and Let Me Love You Tonight as you stated, is no different than looking at Cajun Girl , That Changes Everything and If You Say What I'm Thinking being on the same CD as The Cost Of Doing Business and I Sure Do Miss You Now. That for me is variety, a sharp contrast in styles both musically and vocally.That's PPL. And if PPL was to come back and return to their basics, who better than Craig Fuller to do it !!

I agree with Jim that many of these tunes could easily be big seller's in today's market, but that also was true of every PPL lineup in the past. Another observation from LIDog that I found interesting was " They've created a great cd that will fit in well in both country and classic rock circles, which has always been the trademark of PPL's best records." I have to agree with that one. I also feel this CD has widespread appeal agewise. Obviously it's a different scenario now as PPL did this themselves, no high priced machine pushing it into the market, no one telling them when and where to play. They did this for fun, they had a spot in their lives where they had the time and knew PPL fans still had an interest. Not to say they wouldn't like to make a few bucks off their efforts either !! But they are relying on their music and their fans to make it happen and no one else.

ZZ , please do not think these remarks are intended to be critical of yours, they are not as I do understand and appreciate your comments as I also loved those tunes and lineups you mentioned, not to mention the concerts--I'm glad I'm still breathing. In fact, I was lucky enough to see them do Love Is An Illusion in concert shortly after it was written and it was great ! Thank you for taking the time to come here and post them !! More than anything I am using this post to give the many new fans who have joined this site in the last 2 months a little background info on how PPL came about recording again, why they passed up on offers from record companies, what their thoughts and ideas were about reforming and what direction they would take, and what they were thinking going into the studio.

Thanks again for signing up on the board and I hope we hear more from you, there are many topics here that I think you will get a kick out of and feel free to start some more new ones too.

All the best,


PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2006 12:54 am
by Zero Zagnut
Tom, thanks for your input and the more I listen to it, the more it grows on me. Again, very solid songwriting, great vocals, fantastic musicianship and the production is top-notch. "Gettin' Over You", "I Sure Do Miss You Now", "Here Tomorrow, Gone Today" and "The Cost Of Doing Business" are the tunes I'm taking a likin' to. "If You Could Say What I'm Thinking" is a great live track and I'd love to hear an entire PPL live CD with more tracks from this awesome board mix. Keep in mind, I came onboard the ol' PPL stagecoach with "Just Fly", so I lean a little more to the rock side of PPL's brand of great country rock. I've always been a huge fan of Mike Reilly's vocals on "Fade Away" from "Live, Takin' The Stage" and his tunes "Restless Woman" & "Goodbye So Long" on "Can't Hold Back", plus many more rock-flavored PPL tunes on that side of the creek. "All In Good Time" is a great CD and it's a cherished addition to my PPL collection.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2006 7:55 am
by jmhall
I'm with ZZ on not liking most of today's commercial country music, but I've got to say that if you put a song like, Here Tomorrow, Gone Today on the air, it ought to generate some serious airplay. Plus, some of these songs would sure raise the bar for today's country stations.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2006 8:12 am
by jmhall
I'm with ZZ on not liking most of today's commercial country music, but I've got to say that if you put a song like, Here Tomorrow, Gone Today on the air, it ought to generate some serious airplay. Plus, some of these songs would sure raise the bar for today's country stations.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2006 8:18 am
by LJDJShow
Yes I'm with you.Here Tomorrow Gone Today is my favorite song on the cd.Curtis sings the h outta this would sound good on country radio.
The whole cd is great.

PostPosted: Tue Jan 10, 2006 4:43 pm
by CollingsD2H
Hello, I'm new to the board..I been listening to the new cd for about three weeks, it's a terrific cd, just great. I'm partial to the acoustic songs so "The Cost Of Doing Business", "I Sure Do Miss You Now" are two of my favorites, but I really like the whole cd...The live track is great, cannot wait for the entire show. This cd is one of those cd's each time you listen you hear something different, Fat's is wonderful as is the entire band...Just big Thank You to PPL for putting it all together for us, super effort..

And to PPL, please do a show in the Raleigh, NC area....

Many thanks to the members on the board for taking the time to post chords and lyrics to the songs, please keep them coming....much appreciated....


PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2006 6:25 am
by Proud1
It's a wonderful album sure enough, hard to pick favourite's with so many great songs like I sure do Miss You Now, Getting Over You, Here Tomorrow, Gone Today, and the live track. But one that stands out for me at the moment, has,nt i dont think had a mention yet, and that's, One Of Those Things, Craigs vocals are just superb on this i think. The chorus is great, wonderful harmonies, and some great steel playing from Fats. Just my opinion of course.


PostPosted: Sat Jan 14, 2006 4:05 pm
by jpmagg3
I've had the disks for several weeks now - one in the car, one at home & one to a friend - I consider it as only a good start! I'll be ordering some more, and see no reason why a release of (at least) the Saturday Chillicothe show wouldn't be a success as of the old and new . After many listenings, the cut that ALWAYS has me peg the volume knob is Walking In My Sleep; to me, the best blend of timeless PPL qualities on the disk - vocals, harmonies, Pedal steel (thanks, Fats!) and songwriting. The 'Amie" guitar lick that pops up is a nice touch and seals the deal for me making this one my pick of the litter for a single - any thoughts on a "B" side if '45s were still being pressed and played? Tom might have to explain to some of ya'll youngsters what these were :D