New CD: Good news, and well....

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New CD: Good news, and well....

Postby Tom » Wed Nov 23, 2005 11:31 am

... not exactly bad news but...

Ok , good news first.

The CD will be available at the last two shows , 11/25 in Pa and 11/26 in MD.

It will not be available on this site on Thanksgiving Day as I had previously mentioned. OK I know what you're thinking. Beat me over the head with a 20lb frozen turkey, it's ok, although , to be honest, it will probably have no effect. I'll admit to some having had some very optimistic hopes on the release date, and, truthfully, there was an excellent shot at the Thanksgiving date. Unfortunately there was a slight delay on the manufacturing end of it ( ie:packaging, distribution etc) which will delay the CD getting from posted on this site by tomorrow. Perhaps I should have given it just a little more time to adjust for such things. All In Good Time, as they say.

But....obviously , the CD is completed. PPL has the two shows to perform and every effort is being made to have the CD on this site around DEC 1st for the rest of us. That is the target date as of today and it's realistic since it's being packaged right now. Again, enough CD's have been packaged for fans at the last two shows, so they will not be disappointed !

I will say I know everyone in the band has approached the project with the same enthusiasm we have seen on tour. That enthusiasm was matched by their pride in their work. Mike, Craig, Curtis, Rick and Fats are all happy with the end result and left no stone unturned when it came to putting out a CD they were 100% content with. And that goes to the smallest details of it, including artwork etc. That spells good news for us. Do you like how I'm trying to get you away from the fact that I blew the release date ? Is it working ? Not at all ? OK, I understand. Ouch. As Craig sang on tour " That's a real bad call, it won't work at all."

Hey, we'll have some fun real soon gang. A real hoot, if you will.

I tell you what. To keep it lively, and further steer you from my blunder, I'll send out a copy of a recent live show to the first three prairiedogs who can answer two of the the following three PPL trivia questions :

1. On the PPL classic Country Song, John David Call threw in a few licks, for fun, that he took from a theme of a popular children's TV show. Name the show.

2. Name three groups or artists that did cover versions of Amie.

3. What band, a contemporary of PPL's, not only cited PPL as an influence but also recorded one of their songs from the Firin' Up LP. Name the band and the song.

Please send your answers through the PM function.

Again, please have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

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Postby billyJvoltare » Wed Nov 23, 2005 9:08 pm

Blunder? What blunder? Hey, Dec 1 sounds great to me. If a new PPL CD will be available in about weeks time, we have even more reason to give thanks.

Probably won't be at the Champion show. It seems to just keep getting further and further away from my locale :? and the weather wants to cooperate less and less. Was really going to give it a try, as I really wanted to see Bill Lloyd sit in with Poco; he's filling in for Paul Cotton who was stricken in Norway with medical problems (but is returning after the first of the year); Lloyd is an off and on partner of Rusty's and a great musician and singer in his own right, so it should be a fine night of music all the way around.

Thanks for keeping us updated Tom.

And anyone who picks up the CD this weekend, give us a review!
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