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Rick Schell comments on The Chillicothe shows

PostPosted: Fri Nov 18, 2005 11:35 am
by Tom
Apparently Rick "The Salt Of The Earth" Schell enjoyed himself immensely in Chillicothe . For a guy who has had more than his share of success both as a solo artist ,a founding member of country stars Pinmonnkey , appearances with various musicians on Letterman, Leno, Austin City Limits, The Today Show, CMT and The Grand Ole Opry, check out his thoughts on PPL's performances in Chillicothe. They were posted on his website.

"After the California trip and resuming the tour I had one of the coolest, most satisfying and fulfilling musical times of my career. PPL went to Chillicothe, OH. for a couple of "homecoming concerts". Craig Fuller, George Powell, John David Call and all basically formed the band in this area. Both George and John Call were on hand for the festivities and played with us all night both nights. I have never heard the band sound better in my time with them. It was great to hear those classic steel riffs coming from John and George just sang the hell out of everything he touched, giving Willie Nelson a run for his money with his back phrasing. He's also a gifted rythym guitar player. These guys were gentleman as well and also had the time of their lives. It was a nice reminder of how you don't have to be cut throat to "be somebody" just by being cool and considerate of others makes you one of the greatest. Thanks guys for a memory that I'll always have with me. It was refreshing."

Thanks for sharing that Rick. For you fans new to the board, Rick has a terrific CD out called The Salt Of The Earth which has received critical acclaim and had a few songs hit the top playlists on satellite radio. Check out his website, it's worth a look !

PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2005 9:53 am
by LIDog
OK, now I've been pushed over the edge... I've got to hear the Chillicothe shows! HELP!!! HELP!!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!!!! I'VE GOT TO HEAR GEORGE POWELL AND JOHN CALL!!!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!

If you need to find me I'll be in an insane asylum somewhere...

What a great post by Rick Schell. It's really cool to hear that PPL is made up of nice people.


PostPosted: Mon Nov 21, 2005 5:07 pm
by Tom
If you need to find me I'll be in an insane asylum somewhere...

Hey dog, hey, is that you ? I'm down here, end of the hall ! Can you hear me ? They stuck me in isolation since Chillocothe ! I heard through the cracks a new guy was on the block ! I bribed a guard , he's getting us the new CD, not so bad here after all.

Rick's post sure was a nice one, right ? Granted "The Salt Of The Earth" rubbed a little of it in our wounds but it was unintentional, I think.

You know, you should feel proud. Instead of blowing off all your responsibilities and heading for Chillocothe, you did the right thing. Feel better ? Of course not. Me either. I think perhaps the most frightening part is that somewhere along the line, I'm not exactly sure when, I developed a conscience. But why now ? Why couldn't it wait until I was in my 60's ? What was the big rush ?