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Mexico and beyond

PostPosted: Sat Dec 06, 2014 8:29 am
by prairiedog
Hey PrairieDogs;

As we wind down our 2014 touring season, what better way to wrap it up than playing in Puerto Vallarta next weekend. We're looking forward to seeing a lot of old friends. Check out the lineup at: A real flashback to the Eighties !

And for 2015, what better way to start out the New Year than playing the Grand Ole Opry at the legendary Ryman Auditorium in Nashville on Jan. 8th & 9th. Scratch one more item off the ole bucket list !

We wish you a safe and blessed Holiday season. May you share it with family, friends or loved ones.

Merry Christmas from Mike, John, Donnie, Scott, Craig, George and all the Prairie Dog family !

Re: Mexico and beyond

PostPosted: Sat Jan 10, 2015 1:05 am
by Doug
I saw pics on FB where Mark Farner and Rusty Young was on stage with yins. I assume they were invited to sing along on "Amie". Mighty fine, mighty fine if I do say
so myself!