1970 Vintage Mike Reilly with The East Orange Express

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1970 Vintage Mike Reilly with The East Orange Express

Postby Tom » Tue Mar 12, 2013 8:07 pm

Hey prairie dogs,

Here's a real nice memento featuring Mike Reilly from 1970. The drummer is none other than Billy Hinds who joined PPL on Bustin' Out and was with them into the 80's.Prior to his long tenure in PPL, one of Mike and Billy's bands was The East Orange Express. It was mentioned on this site a few times a long time ago. Mike is on bass and lead vocals covering the CSN classic Suite: Judy Blue Eyes. Great stuff, terrific harmonies. The band had a gig at Alexander's Pub in University Plaza in Cincy.


All the best,
Tom Sheridan
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Re: 1970 Vintage Mike Reilly with The East Orange Express

Postby LIDog » Sun Mar 17, 2013 12:01 am

Hi Tom,

It's great to see you here. Hope you're doing well.

Mighty fine rendition of Suite: Judy Blue Eyes! Great bass. And I doubt that either C, S, N or Y ever had to play bass while singing it! Naturally, as youtube tends to bring up other things (and potentially swallow one in for hours!), I came upon this great video of the band live on the radio. I don't know if anyone already shared it here. Very nice high harmonies by latest member Scott, (and funny when he doesn't quite stop when he's supposed to. Singing drummers will do that to you some time!)


It seems like I've been in a similar place as you these days, without a lot of internet time to hang out. Hope I can change that, and that this year I'll be able to catch the new PPL lineup at one of the shows. Nice guys, and great musicians and performers. Can't say I'm surprised that they sound so good!

Best regards to all,
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