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Postby billyJvoltare » Thu Nov 04, 2010 2:44 pm

Hey prairiedogs.
Haven't posted in forever, and it was hell trying to get logged back in, BUT, I just had to let folks know that I caught PPL in Wayne, NJ last Friday night, opening for Poco, and I was so pleased by their performance! So very cool to see John David Call back with the band, playing sweet steel on every single song. Hadn't seen the band since before Mike's surgery, and he is back and better than ever. Craig was perfect on vocals. Donnie Lee nailed some of the Vince Gill songs, and Rick Schell contributed some leads as well.
Loved 'Misery Train' near the end. Oh man, I was so jazzed by this fine performance. They were relaxed, funny, professional, and really spirited, especially as the show moved along. It took the edge off of a somewhat disappointing set by Poco, who still seem to be finding their sea legs with their new lineup and arrangements.
PPL made the night for me. I hadn't thought to see them again but now, I can't wait to find out where they'll be in 2011.
I saw a few hints in this forum of a new recording project; all I can say is, oh yeah, I hope so! The band is still great, and I can't think of anyone who loves Americana music, which is always gaining new talent and new audiences, who wouldn't love to see how talented and enjoyable these original masters of the genre STILL are. I hope they are up to it, and most of all, I hope to see another great show next year.
Thanks guys. You definitely rock.
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