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A request

Postby RollAlong » Sun Jul 25, 2010 9:12 pm

Please schedule some OHIO shows soon. August would be preferred.
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Postby Doug » Tue Jul 27, 2010 1:13 am

Can you hold out until September or October? Can't promise anything yet, but I hear tell that "the boys" may be coming to Chilli again this fall. It will be on a Saturday night so as not conflict with Football Friday nights. Only one show this year is the plan so far, as I was told. And it may become a yearly thing. Which suits me just fine. I gotta say I enjoy watching outdoor summer shows the best, at festivals and such, specially if they're free!, naturally, but the Chilli shows always benefit Toys For Tots, which promoter Paul Pollard has been benefacting for years. Way to go Paul! A local Reverend thanked Paul for his service to the community the other day, which of course includes bringing "the boys" to town. Details to come. Hope that helps! I know I get a special thrill when I get to hear Mike, Craig, John David Call, and George Ed Powell all playing together for the whole concert! And then they get the original originals on stage at some point to play usually Amie with like about 10 -13 or so playa's on stage. So it's a show you just won't see anywhere else. Because it has been a Homecoming for the original boys in the band, Mike and Craig have always invited the original guys who started the wheels turning on this thing we call Pure Prairie League to participate in the show. It shows tremendous class to honor the originals in such a way. Which just makes the Chillicothe shows that much more special. 8)
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