Larry, Tim and John David Call in concert

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Larry, Tim and John David Call in concert

Postby Doug » Mon Jul 19, 2010 9:07 pm

Just a note to say I went to Manchester, Ohio this past Saturday night to take in the 2nd annual Manchester Blues Fest, featuring the Goshorn Brothers Band. Larry and Tim were there last year as well. Not a huge turnout, as Manchester is a tiny burg on the Ohio river, not really very close to Cinci, hence the sparse turnout. Some great music for those that ventured to the gig, tho! The band scheduled to play right before the G Bros were setting up and I wasn't paying much attention, as I knew apart from the headliners, the bands were just local talent, talented, yes, and worth the listen, but nothing to get excited about. Until I noticed this band had a pedal steel setting on the stage. And then there was a short guy sitting there warming up. And I had to do a double take, yes, it was in fact John David Call! I wasn't even aware of who the band was supposed to be, as I was mainly interested in Larry and Tim, naturally. So I was indeed slightly flabbergasted to find out that Chillicothe's own band Loose Pockets featuring J. D. and also Mike Barnes of PPL history was playing. Of course you know I am going to say John was excellent. He was. Mike and the whole band put out a great set, and afterwards Tim came on stage and praised them well. Next up were the G Bros, and don't you know I was getting excited about the possibility of John David Call setting in with Larry and Tim and having a mini PPL reunion right before our eyes! Well, as Loose Pockets was breaking down their gear and the G Bros was setting up theirs, the pedal steel remained in place! And as Larry and Tim and J D were on the stage right before they started playing, there was a lot of hugging and hand shaking and ear to ear smiles and banter going on between the guys. So you know I was pumped. So then Larry and Tim and their band take the stage and are introduced by the festival's producer, what do you think they launch into as their first song? Amie! With Larry and Tim on duel lead guitars and John on pedal steel, they let their other singer sing lead on Amie, as of course neither Tim nor Larry ever sang it while in PPL, it was Mike who sang it in Craig's stead. So that was fitting, and a nice gesture to all Larry and Tim's (and John's ) PPL fans that were in the audience. If that's not enough, the second song they played was Two Lane Highway!! Now, folks, don't get me wrong here - Just as Mike, Craig and the boys perform Two Lane Highway in every show they play, as well they should, and I am thankful they do... you know it is special to hear Larry sing and play the song he wrote with Tim at his side adding his second lead guitar and JOHN on pedal steel... wow, it was smokin'! J D left the stage after that as the Gbros launched into their groove with the blues they do so well, but John came back on stage once more to perform All The Lonesome Cowboys with the band. They do an up tempo version of the song with lots of laed guitar. I gotta say that as good as Larry is, was, and will always be, Tim has grown and has eclipsed Larry at lead guitar. Yes, I am saying I think Tim is better than Larry at guitar. But Larry still gets the nod at songwriting. But they both are still awesome pickers. All in all, it was a great night, getting to once again see Larry, Tim and John David Call on stage, playing and laughing and thoroughly enjoying themselves. See, this is the kind of thing I like to see. If PPL is playing a show somewhere and an old bandmate is in the area, why not just invite them to the show and perform a couple of tune with the band. Thankfully, Mike has been doing this, getting George Ed Powell, and John and others when available. If anybody ever gets into the Cinci area, checkout the Goshorn Bros site and see if you can catch a show. Just more good stuff from the PPL "family" ! :D
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