Keith Urban and Toby Keith: PPL Fans !

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Keith Urban and Toby Keith: PPL Fans !

Postby Tom » Tue Jul 13, 2010 7:59 am

Hey prairiedogs,

I received an email quite some time ago from a West Coast friend. I'm finally getting around to a few things.

He went to the Stagecoach Festival in Indio Ca. back in April I think. That's a big event, PPL played there last year, and despite what I felt was a severe lack of publicity or a least a decent rundown of their legacy (same as many other places) PPL captured the fans and received enormous praise , blowing away those who got more ink. There's some comments in the concert section.

Anyway, this year the two major headliners were Keith Urban and Toby Keith. I'm told, and I verified it, that Keith Urban strolled into a small local bar called Neil's Lounge in Indio. He then gave a rousing karaoke performance of Amie ! There certainly are enough karaoke tunes to choose from but Keith , now a confirmed prairiedog, chose a PPL classic. Apparently it was very well received by the patrons. My email also told me that Urban told him later that PPL got the ball rolling and that more than a few guys out there today owe much to what PPL accomplished back in the 70's.

Toby Keith apparently is one more major country star who knows what PPL meant to him and many others. He has a list of the CD's you need to have. On it is Pure Prairie League's Greatest Hits ! Obviously PPL has left a huge impression on Toby Keith and Keith Urban, just two more major stars on a never ending list over the years who cite PPL's work.

That's what being an influence is all about, that's just a part of what I mean when I talk about PPL's enormous legacy, that PPL's work is far reaching. 41 years later some of the biggest names in the business still listen to them and cite them for what they are: the country rockers who took their dream to the top and brought many along with them .

All the best,
Tom Sheridan
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