Second Ludlow Garage show added !

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Second Ludlow Garage show added !

Postby prairiedog » Sat Apr 14, 2018 4:48 pm

Due to a continuing demand for tickets to our Sold Out show at Ludlow Garage on Friday April 27th, the Garage has added a second show on the same night. Please contact Live at the Ludlow Garage for ticket info and show times. I won't get callouses patting ourselves on the back, but it's very gratifying to know that, after almost 50 years, we can still sell some seats in our hometown. I can now say that founding member George Ed Powell will be joining us, and who knows who else we might get up there to add to the fun. Do us a favor; DON'T Google "Pure Prairie League" because, for some reason, Google's calendar seems to be a day off. Go to our website or to Ludlow Garage's site for ticket info. I've personally responded to dozens of people asking for tickets, passes, etc. The Garage sez their phone is ringing off the hook, so git yer ducats now ! Thanx, Cincinnati !!
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